Frequently Asked Questions

How much is each service in total?

All prices are shown with no hidden costs. Website Design This may very, monthly instalments are at an additional rate of 10% to cover administational fees. Please check the details thuroughly for on going plugin/software subscriptions. The Lite packages come with 1 year, Air come with 2 years and Pro packages come with 3-4 years. Social Media Management We set targets per month, if we do not hit them you'll get the third month free of charge. Commitment of 3 months required each time. ProxiTouch ProxiCards sell for just £64.95 to change details call 0330 390 3770 or email and we'll get your detials updated, please note there maybe a small admin fee for this service.

What is the lead time on each service?

Lead times are displayed on the relevant page acorrding to the service. Website Design Lite - 14 days Air - 28 days Pro - 42 days Social Media Management This service is planned on a monthly basis, from initial sign up - please allow 1-2 weeks depending on the package before we are able to either show you the months content planner or start posting.

Can I fast track my order?

Unfortuantly, this is not yet an offer we provide as we'd rather to our absolute best for each individual customer.

If your project is in need of an urgent start, please contact our team on 0330 390 3770 or and we'll assist further - it will be likely that we start your project with a landing page/posts with a gradual live build up.

How do you communicate with clients?

At the start of each project, when a customer signs up to Elite Creativity - we will give you a full break down and a welcome pack - at the end of a website design project/start of social media sign up, you'll find all passwords and project completion dates, plugins and software subscriptions in that pack. If requested, we'll provide you with a pdf copy and keep on our records should you need a backup file. We are working on a customers area on our website to better our customer service. Our new loyalty program is a big step forware for bettering our experience togehter.

What is your speciality?

We specialize in designing and creating website, social media content and working with embedding that content in social media algorithums. As we grow the business we are bringing in many new talented individuals with skillsets that will better our services and your work!