Elite Creativity Payments

How Elite Creativity works.

Creativity, made seamless.

When it comes to investing a new creative solutions, there’s no better place to buy than Elite Creativity. For all your questions about network provider support, payment options and getting your new digital work set up, we have all the answers you need.

Find your desired services to help grow your business. This can be found by browsing our website, talking to our social media representatives or booking a call/meeting with a specialist by clicking here.

Your next steps will depend on your preferred method:

A. Online Payment

Payment transactions are initiated by selecting "Buy" on your chosen products page. This will direct you to select either monthly instalments or a one off payment. This is capable with credit/debit card, apple pay, google pay & amex. 

B. In-Person Payment

We will proudly send a member of our team directly out to you. They will guide you through a manual process, with contactless also an option for one off payments.

A customer experience survey and contract will be sent to you after payment (via email) to sign digitally and a 'sign up box' will be delivered to you. This is simply confirming that you have read all the information prior to your initial payment. From the day the contract is signed, you will have 14 days to terminate your purchase. Please note that due to this being a service offered to you rather than a product, all existing product created for you - will be archived under our system in our domain.

Chashless made effortless.
We respect your privacy. All payments made with us are processed 3rd party, without exchanging any sensitive information. Our online payments are supported by Apple Pay, Google Pay, Android Pay, Visa, Master Card, American express and contactless payment. With our main accounts proudly supported by Barclays.

Please note that for monthly payments overdue, either for subscription services or monthly instalments, a charge of 4% interest fee will be charged for overdue payments. You will be notified several times before any fine is put in place. This usually happens if you postpone your monthly instalment fee without letting us know.

In-Person Payments


Handled by Stripe.