5 ways increase your Instagram following

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly users, with approx 500 million active users per day. It is particularly popular with those under the age of 35 - with 71% of the billion monthly users within this age bracket. The average user spends on average 53 minutes on the platform per day. In this article we will be defining 5 simple musts that you need to generate ROI from the platform.

1. Post frequently with a range of good quality of content

Content is king and the quality of it is queen. It is absolutely vital that you maintain a consistent theme (in terms of presentation & design also). Instagram is all about the visuals, therefore take advantage!

2. Follow up via DM's

It is pivotal that you use Instagrams best, most personal tools, Direct Message. This gives you an opportunity to get personal with your customers/prospects. Don't waste it! Do your back-end work. Make time to follow up with prospects, former clients and last but certainly not lease - your customers - keep strong communication going.

3. Take it gradual

Do not spam, buy followers or quit. The instagram algorithms work in favour of a gradual build. Focus on making people feel one in a million, rather than one of a million.

4. Have a clear set of goals and give your account a distinct purpose

Decide what you want out of your account, provide CTA's and always have a why.

5. Polish your profile

Keep your profile picture, bio, name, links and tags as clean as possible. Use it to capture the eyes of your market within a split second.


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