The road ahead...

With the fight against COVID-19 still continuing around the globe and across the UK, restrictions are starting to be eased.

Essential businesses have remained open throughout the global/national lockdown, and we are proud to have stood by our customers throughout this difficult time. We value small businesses and must make sure that they thrive when re-opening as they are the back-bone of our economy.

With essential business still remaining open and more following on 15th June, later followed by the leisure, catering and tourism industries. We have been recognised as a business who can offer their services to help small business get back up on their feet. We have bought forward all new product releases (originally due to have been released in September), now available. Our following products are now available in the UK; SM-Lt, SM-SB, SM-AIR, WD-BB, WD-SB and WD-Ec.

Our specialists will be out among the Plymouth area from 15th June, later followed by the entire South West. Our specialists will be meeting with customers, prospects and checking in with the businesses that keep our economy going.

Together we will beat this. Together we will be strong. Together we will succeed.

Stay safe. Stay alert. Stay well.

See you shortly.


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