Social Media Payment Plans

The easy way to immerse yourself in the world of social

from £112.50/month.1**

Get the latest design trends at an affordable price.

All plans available with 0% APR and no hidden costs.

12 months free hosting on us.

Designs segmented to your business.

I'm already a part of this programme. 

Exclusively available at Elite Creativity.

Representative example:

Small Business, requires the first month at just 25% £112.50. Followed by 11 monthly instalments of just £450.

Low monthly payments.

With the Social Media Programme, you don’t have to pay for your new Website Design all at once. You just pay 25% within the first month and the full price on the consecutive 11 months following.

Monthly Breakdowns

1 month at 25% - The first month requires a payment of just a quarter.
11 month subscription - Followed by 11 months at cancel anytime.

Payment methods:

Elite Creativity online payments is financed through:

Individual Payment Plans

Small Business

Air Management

Here's what you will need to start.

Your personal + professional information.

You will be asked to provide your full name, employment details. You will also need your businessbank account number and sort code to set up a direct debit.

A valid photo ID.

Make sure you bring along your UK driving licence, or your passport and debit card.

Your current domain details.

If you’re upgrading from another website, remember to back up your data to your computer or cloud. You’ll also want to take note of your domain details. If you've just started a website a specialist will assist you to get started at no extra cost.

Works with any software choice.

You're buying directly from Elite Creativity, therefore you are not tied to a single software developing program. We give you the power of decision, we are simply here to assist and create.

Starting - Frequent Asked Questions

Can I only use one social media platform?

At the moment, we do not offer a single platform, both Small Business and Air Management are compatible with the platforms listed. 

After the upfront cost, when do the monthly payments start?

Once the 25% upfront cost has been made, the monthly payments will start consecutively on the agreed amount of time following. e.g. upfront made on 4th July, followed by 12 monthly payment of...

What happens if I no longer wish to pursue?

This is very unlikely, but you are under no obligation to be tied into a contract. Please inform us of the cancellation at least 7 working days in advance of your next payment.

Can I change the date of my payments?

Yes, contact us at any stage and we can provide you with the necessary steps forward. This must be arranged in at least 24 hours before the origanal payment is due.

Can I use the content only?

This is not yet a service. We only 

Will I be directly dealing with someone?

Of course, we believe in providing the best people to provide the best results. Therefore, an allocated specialist will be working with you, the specialist is an expert within their field of particular development tool.

Will our design be completed in time?

We ensure that the website design will be completed on time, meaning that it will be ready to publish on your own demand. All timings are listed on compare. In the unlikely event, that deadlines do not meet, then we will notify you in advance with reason(s) and solution(s), with additional products you will receive out of good will.

Do you outsource any work?

No, although we have had many opportunities to - the first and foremost of what we believe in is building a brand and creating a legacy, therefore we have full trust in our team to exceed expectations. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that we remain guarded over building a culture around the Elite Creativity brand. We are however available to work with other organisations that you use.

When can you start?

We are ready to start from the date you sign up! The ball is in your court. There is no waiting list.

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