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Unleashing the power within.



Reaching your customers, with the ultimate omnipresence.


  • Facebook

x56 Unique posts per month

Facebook is the most use platform and a perfect place to start on your journey of greatness. With features that facebook's pre-release software (accessible via Elite Creativity), we are able to migrate all operations to use tools on other networks, that very rarely are used by small business usually being reserved for some of the worlds biggest brands.

  • Instagram


x56 Unique posts per month

The beauty of design, presentation and personality is where our skillset really shines. This is where dreams become reality. Where content is the fire and followers have a 60% retention rate at become potential customers.

  • Twitter


x28 Unique posts per month

Twitter is of course the most difficult to grow a page, brand, profile or awareness on. Depending on the industry of your business we will take a light hearted and non-contriversial manage in this matter, via tweet deck.

  • LinkedIn


x20 Unique posts per month

Engage with your suppliers, B2B relations and professional contacts on a more professional and 'straight to the point manner'. Not only will we give you the option to post under an employee name or create a company page, we will also create content at your request.

Payment Plans

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Speak to a Specialist


x20 per month.

The added feature across all of your social media channels.


Content Sessions

x1 30 min content session per month

Your specialist will arrange a convenient appointment for you to get one of our Creative Pro's to visit and capture the beauty of your brand, so customers can digitally immerse themselves in feel the true greatness.

Support Meetings

x1 hour per month.

Communication and connection with our customers is at the forefront of our services. Our specialists will sit down with you for 1 hour per month, and review results & alter your strategy where needed.

Algorithm Research

x20 per month.

The added feature across all of your social media channels.

Ad Management

Management by a Specialist via the Facebook Ad Centre.


  • Management & communication throughout.

  • Access to the EC Support Centre

  • Account Manager