Small Business

Just the right amount of everything.

Destined, built and created to make the most of your business. We are visual focused. This is by far the most seamless design we have ever created. Our vision has always been to share our crafts with small business. With the Small Business design, that makes this vision possible. And so intelligent, to respond to a large amount of traffic, capturing the best and improving the areas required to give your customers an unforgettable experience.

from £93.75/mo. or £1,500

"Elite Creativity have managed my website and social media for the last 12 months. They have done a stunning job, highly recommended"


Company Owner

Branding & Design

Custom built to suit your beaming personality.

Let's get it

With a capability of up to 8 pages.


Including a basic SEO Plan, to enhance results.


Embrace the ability to contact with your customers directly on your new site.

Take a look.

Let's get specific...

Unlimited Bandwidth

In computing, bandwidth is the maximum rate of data transfer across a given path. Bandwidth may be characterized as network bandwidth, data bandwidth, or digital bandwidth

10GB Storage

This is just the perfect amount of storage to maximise achieving the most authentic experience for your customers. This allocates us collectively to use space for titles, formats and visuals.

1 hours worth of video

Cinematic, videography and gif files of a high quality and quantity - totalising in 1 hour worth of videos - this does not include links to YouTube (or equivalent) videos.

Free Domain

Free domain for 12 months

*Conditions vary.

Connect a domain

Get found by your name. With a custom domain name, free for a year! (.co / / .com / .org / .net etc).

Google Analytics

Google analytics included - with a full setup.

The art of scaling. Visualised.

A single visual, does all the talking. Proven by our previous results and the trends in the market - everybody loves a good story. Viewers of your site will buy into a story - we'll tell an unforgettable story, creating remarkable results.

Available for access in powerful software packages. With guidance provided by us and the options left open to you.

Ready in just 5 weeks.

Forever evolving.

Enjoy 1 Year Free

Hosting will be included on your monthly payments priced at £0.00. The deal will continue for 12 months and if cancelation is not made by the time the offer is available, pricing will be included per/month.

Free domain included.

Enjoy 12 months Free

After the first 12 months have been completed - charges range from £10-£20 per year depending on the domain category. This deal is system generated - therefore only available for new domains.

Payment Plans

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from £93.75/mo. or £1,500


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